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Q: I'd love to do a Hauer Power class, how do I find out more?

A: On our classes page you will find an interactive calender.

Click a day to find out what's happening and more about a specific course or class.

Q: I have a few questions about a class/course. Where can I contact you?

A: Any general queries can be emailed to:

Q: I'd like to buy a fitness class/course as a gift, can I do that?

A: Yes! Register for Gymcatch in order to buy the course.


Next, email the Hauer Power Team with the information for the person taking the course.

We will make sure they get their class logins.


Be sure to tell us if it's a secret along with dates we can notify them from!

Q: I have a medical condition, can I still join in?

A: We ask that if you are unsure that you seek medical advice before undertaking any type of exercise.


Participation in Hauer Power classes are undertaken solely at the participant's own risk.

Q: Can I book private PT with Karen?

A: Due to Karen's work commitments this may not always be possible.

Please direct all queries to the Hauer Power Team.

Q: I can't make the class days you have. Will more classes/courses be added?

A: Different class types and content will be added regularly.

Q: I have a Corporate/Press request for Karen. Who can i contact to discuss this?

A: Please see the 'Press' section of our website for more details.

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