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 For safety when doing at home classes we recommend that you:

  • Notify someone you are working out. Tell them the start and end time of the class.

  • We recommend this especially if you are alone whilst doing so or you have any health conditions

  • Ensure you have enough space to work out and you are on an even surface.​

  • If you have a smart watch or smart phone, set up your emergency contacts. if your smart watch has a 'hard fall' warning, make sure this is enabled and connected to an emergency contact. 

Health Check

When you take part in online fitness, you do so at your own risk.

Therefore, we recommend:

  • If you have any noted medical conditions of any kind, you check with your doctor before undertaking a fitness class

  • Be aware of your limitations and take advantage of adaptations given through the classes. If there's anything you would like to see included for adaptations please send feedback to: info@hauerpower.co.uk

  • Overexercise can cause injury and damage to the body and mind. Make sure that you take rest days when training, even using virtual classes.

If you feel unwell during a class, please stop activity immediately and use your emergency contact or dial the emergency services. 

Hydration & Nutrition

Always ensure you have water with you when you workout.


Make sure you have eaten prior to working out.


  • We do not recommend eating a heavy meal 90 mins prior to working out.

  • Continue to hydrate after your workout to avoid feeling light-headed.

  • Avoid sugary energy drinks while working out as these can increase your heart rate.


Fitness is a personal journey.


Many of us feel the pressure to perform and compete at the same level of others. 

  • Healthy, safe exercise is about knowing your liimtatons, doing your best and sticking with it.

  • Fitness is a great stress reliever. It benefits our mental health and it's benefits outweigh more than just the physical gains we can achieve.

  • Remember why you started on those tough days.

  • Remember that doing something is better than doing nothing

  • Remember if it were easy there would be no sense of achievement when you reach your goals.

  • If you find yourself over-exercising, please make sure you stop and take rest days. Taking a break won't undo heard work. 

  • Take your time and enjoy your fitness journey.