What's Your Hauer pOWER?


What is Hauer Power?

Hauer Power is more than just your regular workout.

It’s about the connection that I make with every individual that I come across during my workouts.


Hauer Power is about finding your true inner power and how far you can push yourself physically and mentally .


My workouts are fun, energetic, focused, challenging and very sweaty!!


They are a unique blend of total body weight training, cardio HIIT, core exercises , with a sprinkle of pilates/yoga and a yummy stretch at the end.


Hauer Power is a fun way of getting fit and filling you with positive energy.

Hauer Power FAQ's

Q: There are no classes currently available, why is that?

A: Karen is back for her 10th year on BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing! Courses are on hold due to intermittent commitments with SCD however, Private PT and one-off classes will be available. ALL availability will be suspended during Karen's participation in Strictly in the Autumn of 2021.

Q: I'd love to do a Hauer Power class, how do I find out more?

A: On our classes page you will find an interactive calendar.

Click a day to find out what's happening and more about a specific course or class.

Q: If I have any questions about a class or course, whom do I contact?

A: Any general queries can be emailed to:

Q: I'd like to buy a class/course as a gift, can I do that?

A: Yes! Register for Gymcatch to buy the course.


Then email the Hauer Power Team with the information for the person taking the course.

We will make sure they get their class logins.

Be sure to tell us if it's a secret along with dates we can notify them from!

Q: I have a medical condition, can I still join in?

A: We ask that if you are unsure that you seek medical advice before undertaking any type of exercise.


Participation in Hauer Power classes is undertaken solely at the participant's own risk.

We have general advice on our HEALTH CHECKLIST page. This does not replace professional medical advice.

Q: Can I book private PT with Karen?

A: Due to Karen's work commitments this may not always be possible.


If PT sessions are available, you will find information on the classes page.

Q: I can't make the class days you have.

Will more classes/courses be added?

A: Different class types and content will be added regularly.

Q: Can I get a recording of my class?

A: We give all course attendees a copy of each week's class recording. This will show Karen instructing only and not a gallery view showing class participants.

We will only offer a recording of PT sessions if specified when booking.


We also do not film class participants without their prior, written consent for data protection reasons.

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